Week 7 Social Media Post: The Truth About Nail Damage

by Holly Schippers | April 12, 2017 | Bookmark +

Many salon guests and even some nail professionals are blissfully unaware that nail damage is not incurred by products. When the nails become damaged, a product almost always gets blamed, but there is a person behind the damage. It can come in many forms; some damage is caused by the nail technician and the rest is caused by the owner of the nails. Note to nail clients: You can be the cause of your own nail damage.

Some examples:

> That burning when your nails are being filed by hand or machine is an indication of damage being caused, namely onycholysis — where the nail plate separates from the nail bed.

> Peeling any coating off your nails in any way — whether it be by a technician wielding nippers or your own teeth or nails — from an enhancement down to nail polish, removes layers of the nail plate causing thin, damaged nails. Repeated improper removal of coatings can actually damage nails to the point that coatings will no longer adhere!

> “Etching” or aggressive filing on the surface of the natural nail to prepare the nail for a service can cause damage. Today’s nail products are chemically sophisticated and should only need the surface shine removed, which does not require much filing and definitely not aggressive filing. The average nail plate is only about 100 layers thick, so if you file 3-5 layers or more off the nails at every service, eventually the nail will be thin, weak, damaged, and incapable of maintaining a coating.

> Picking, chewing, or removing part of your nails in any other manner that takes away chunks or layers of nail is only done by a person and not a product. You could even soak nail clippings in acetone or nail monomer endlessly with no change in the nail.

Therefore this week’s #IAMLICENSED educational statement for nails on social media is that nail damage is caused by people, not products.

Here’s a caption you can post along with the image above:

Nail damage is caused by improper application, removal, or treatment of nail coatings and not by specific products. Today’s technology demands sophisticated products that do not damage natural nails, this means YOU should demand an educated professional interested in partnering with you to care for the natural nail; in the salon for their part, and at home for yours. #nailtruth #IAMLICENSED #FingerNailFixer

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