Becoming a Successful Nail Tech: Step Two Is Universal Sanitation

by Holly Schippers | January 28, 2020 | Bookmark +
Becoming a Successful Nail Tech: Step Two Is Universal Sanitation
Becoming a Successful Nail Tech: Step Two Is Universal Sanitation

To continue the discussion on How to Become a Successful Nail Professional, let’s talk step two: Keep a clean space, think universal sanitation. Recognize that phrase from school? Did you truly understand what it meant back then? It means that not only is the top of your table clean, the drawers are clean, your tools are clean, the bathroom is clean... Is the word “universal” in that phrase starting to make more sense?

If you are not the salon owner, you may not be able to control the entire salon, the important thing then is to make sure your space stands out for its cleanliness and organization. If you have ever been in a salon with multiple people working who are busy, it is easy to see that some quickly stand out for being quite messy. It takes practice to be clean while you work; the practice will pay off in the way you stand out.

Whatever position you play in the salon, from owner to booth renter to employee, you have some form of control over a portion of the environment and its sanitation. Take pride in the space and its presentation to clients. This is the first impression oftentimes, then if they use the restroom before leaving the salon it is also the impression they are left with.

Making it a point to wipe your UV/LED lamp between nail clients is a simple way to show them you care, in addition to setting yourself apart. Cleaning the table top and other surface areas is expected, the lamp should be yet is not. We know that we should wash tools with warm soapy water before immersing them in disinfectant or sterilizing them. Do clients know that? Simply educating new clients on why you set your tools aside in a container for dirty tools instead of in a jar of blue liquid on the table gives them something to think about.

If you are sticking your tools in a jar of liquid on the table, don’t feel bad. You learned that from someone who learned it from someone else. We all have to learn to do things from somewhere. The correct way according to most state laws to clean tools is to wash them with soap and water, rinse, then soak in disinfectant for a specific amount of time. Even states that require autoclaves have you wash the tools first. Many jars on the desk have no lids so all the dust in the air is getting in there contaminating them. Also, if the tools aren’t washed before going in, all the contaminants are in there!

This particular blog post could go on and on just on the subject of properly disinfecting your tools, so I’d like to lighten back up, remind you that universal sanitation is one of the keys to success, request comments and suggestions, and wish you the best!

Things I use in the salon:

I use HLD8 8-minute disinfectant and Rejuvenate wipes in the salon to make life easy:

You can enter to win a canister of wipes here:

After seeing it as a raffle prize at the NW Nail Tech Retreat, I ordered the Ultronics Ultra II Tray that has lots of space to disinfect my tools:

Please share your favorite resources in the comments.

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