Up Your Disinfectant Game and Tell Your Clients

by Holly Schippers | March 27, 2020 | Bookmark +
Up Your Disinfectant Game and Tell Your Clients
Up Your Disinfectant Game and Tell Your Clients

Something we can do to put our clients at ease when they return to the salon is take the time to reinforce what we have always done behind the scenes every day to take care of them. My clients appreciated that I wasn’t doing anything new or reactive, simply reminding them of things that were already in place. 

If you have merely been doing only what the state requires, maybe this is a good time to step up to Advanced Nail Technician level or to bring in a High Level Disinfectant, setting yourself apart from other salons. Putting your concern for clients’ health at the forefront lets them know they are a priority and you’ll find they appreciate your concern. 

Here are some suggestions for setting clients at ease when they return:

Up Your Disinfectant Game and Tell Your Clients
Up Your Disinfectant Game and Tell Your Clients

Talk to clients one on one during their appointment about the measures you have in place like having them wash their hands before every appointment and how you clean the tools you use, the surfaces they touch, and what you dispose of that’s one time use. I talked to my clients about the specific brands I was using so that they could research them if they wanted to. It was a great feeling when a nurse client was excited to recognize the Rejuvenate brand of my HLD8 and Rejuvenate wipes.

I discussed that the HLD8 is a high level disinfectant, it is not the usual state standard, it goes above and beyond. We discussed that I wear gloves which also goes beyond state standards. I explained that the metal implements, e-file bits, and manicure brushes all get disinfected after each use on one individual, that’s why they see me put them in a drawer off to the side.

I also showed them the Rejuvenate wipes I use and talked about how I wipe the LED lamp after each of them, they commented on having seen me do it while they are paying. I wipe the table surface and the arm rest with the wipe as well. The surface only needs to stay wet for one minute to be disinfected.

The company also put out a statement that the disinfectants are cleared for the virus when used according to directions, including the wipes. 

Post something on your social media. Let them know their health and safety have always been your top concern, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to show the measures you have in place with short videos, a photo of the product you use, your machines if you use autoclaves, or other visual methods. You have stood out from others in quality of cleanliness behind the scenes, now is the time for you to shine, not because you have to scramble and say what you are going to change, because you are going to showcase what you have been doing all along.

If you do need to make changes, now is the time to do it. Go above and beyond state regulation. Become exceptionally clean and known for it. Raise your prices some to allow for higher quality products if you need to. The world we live in just got a whole lot more stressful and the safe haven we provide needs to be just that, safe. 

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Free Online Sanitation Course from Virox can be found here. 

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