Submissions poured in from around the globe as nail artists proudly displayed their heritage on nail tips. This week’s Play At Home challenge was particularly tough, as Gelish’s Sandy Combs was immersed in a world full of quality nail art. Congratulations to Konstantina Tsihlas, who will win a prize from Gelish.



Trisha Rizzo, Very Polished, Shelby Township, Mich.


Sandy’s Comments: Very clean work and the nails themselves are very wearable.




Karalee Chabot, Nashua, N.H.


Sandy’s Comments: Great job on the female ancestors.




Trudy, Nails By Trudy, Fryzabad, Trinidad and Tobago


Sandy’s Comments: Very nice painting on the women.




Deanna White, Clear Body Image, Fairview, Alberta, Canada


Sandy’s Comments: I love the ship and shield in this entry.



#Gelish PlayAtHome

Lisa Bennett, Bakersfield, Calif.


Sandy’s Comments: Very pretty painting on the florals. Nice clean work.




Jessica Vero, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


Sandy’s Comments: Very cute design.




Tin Tin Bui, Blossom Beauty Lounge, Redondo Beach, Calif.


Sandy’s Comments: My second favorite this week. Very clean work and I love the bowl of pho.




Kimberly Harr, Rustic Varnish, Everett, Pa.


Sandy’s Comments: Nice work on incorporating the different elements for the different countries.




Chanelle Bone, Blak Sandz, Nails & Makeup, Muriwai Beach, New Zealand


Sandy’s Comments: Nice job on the shamrock, I just wish there wasn’t such a glare on the right side of the photo. It takes away from the detail of the design.



Congratulations to this week’s winner Konstantina Tshihlas!



Konstantina Tshihlas, Athens

Sandy’s Comments: They are a fantastic representation of her heritage. I love the eagle soaring high above the city, the Statue of Liberty, and the presentation of light to show the skyline at night. Well done!