Our Play At Home competition heated up as nail artists engineered steampunk-inspired nails and posted them social media. Congratulations to Kimberly Harr who will win a prize from Gelish.



Karalee Chabot, Nashua, N.H.


Sandy’s Comments: “I love the clock and the quilted detail, but I would have liked to see a little more steampunk rather than just Victorian detail. Overall this is a very clean and sophisticated set.”




Kerlisha Munroe, Point Fortin, Trinidad and Tobago


Sandy’s Comments: “The 3-D face is gorgeous and the eye is well done.”




Tin Tin Bui, Blossom Beauty Lounge, Redondo Beach, Calif.


Sandy’s Comments: “The use of the gears is great and I love the screw eyes. Nicely done.”




Victoria Zegarelli, Nail Bar Lounge, Long Island, N.Y.


Sandy’s Comments: “The electric piece is very cool and I like the eye patch.”




Deanna White, Alberta, Canada


Sandy’s Comments: “I like the use of the different elements in this set, I would like to see the black lines a little thinner and more varied, it would make the design flow better.”




Chloe Reed, San Antonio, Texas


Sandy’s Comments: “I love the placement of the gears, they look like they could start turning at any moment. Great colors used but I would like to see a bit more dimension on the flowers to really make them pop.”




Jessica Waryzniak, Crown Point, Ind.


Sandy’s Comments: “The bees used are a neat addition and the male and female figures are very cute.”



Congratulations to this week’s winner Kimberly Harr!


Kimberly Harr, Rustic Varnish, Everett, Pa.


Sandy’s Comments: “These almost look like they should be a part of a clockwork machine. Very cool. The middle finger is really ornate and beautiful.”