For the sixth Last Chance Challenge of the season Amberley Robinson and Ewa Borkowska are going head-to-head to see who will stay in the competition.

CND’s Jan Arnold will select her favorite look.

All Last Chance challenges are done on a single nail tip. Contestants are also asked to describe their looks. There are no other elements to this battle.

CND Last Chance #6: Subterranean Style

The Mediterranean is a beautiful location, but for this challenge we want to see nail art that illustrates what lies beneath. Create subterranean nail art on a single nail tip using a mix of both 3-D and hand painted techniques. Because this challenge is all about what happens beneath the surface, the underside of your tip must feature artwork fitting this theme as well.

Here are their entries:


I associate the subterranean climate with Greece and its beautiful blue skies, blue sea, and white houses covered with colorful flowers. I painted it using a Zhostovo brush and a paint gel. I painted everything wet, covering element after element. Such areas are beautiful, but they hide a lot of history underground. Therefore, as a 3-D, I did underground and archaeological excavations. There are skulls and bones of people who lived in this area many years ago. I made the skulls and the earth with acrylic 3d, which I painted later with paint gelami.


The Mediterranean is a beautiful location and because of that we were asked for this Last Chance Lab to illustrate nail art that showcases what lies beneath. I’ve never personally been to the Mediterranean and would absolutely love to see the beauty of it in person. Definitely a bucket list goal.

Our first view of the Mediterranean Sea is the amazingly gorgeous beaches and the view of yachts and sails on the water. This of course is what we see before we submerge beneath the water to the subterranean. For the top of my nail I chose to showcase the sea from above. Seeing the land, boats and the clear blue water showing the coral within the sea. On the underside of the nail is where you see what’s within the waters. Coral reefs, fishes, clams and seaweed.

To create this nail I used CND acrylic and plexi gel builder to make the 3d elements. I painted them using a variety of CNDs shellac polishes in the colors Gala Girl, Romantique, Oceanside, Boats & Bikinis, Mambo Beat, Lobster Roll, Mind over Matcha, Cream Puff and Black Pool.

The sea is a mystery and there is always something new within it that hasn’t been discovered yet. It can make you feel small but not in a bad way. It’s something that makes you realize you’re a part of something bigger. This is how I felt coming into this competition. I felt small but I am realizing my strengths and weaknesses and it’s helping me to grow and continue to push myself to be better than who I was yesterday.

And the winner is…Amberley!

Here is what Jan Arnold had to say about Amberley’s nail:

“Lovely story, glorious romantic art and delicate detail. You continued our dreamy sojourn to the Mediterranean with intricate precision. Thank you Amberley and congratulations!”

Tune in Friday to see who Amberley will be going up against next in the CND Last Chance Design Lab.