Full Name: Katey Laurenson
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Salon: Embellished Nails
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Acrylic
Favorite Nail Trend: Japanese, fine lines, geometric

I have over 12 years of nail and beauty industry experience and last year placed 2nd in the Novice Photographic award from Nailympia Australia. I’m pretty new to the competition arena but am ready to step out and challenge myself further and show the world what I am about. I have two boys who stole my heart, and have been fortunate enough as a solo parent to be able to be an independent nail technician and have my own boutique salon space.  I really love working in the salon and I strive to produce high quality nails and work incredibly hard in my field. I’m really looking forward to this experience and pushing some personal boundaries with the challenges we receive.

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Week 1: Gelish

Squadron Goals

Having had my first child at 21, I’ve yet to wander the world at leisure, and with a child under age 5, my dreams of travel are still a bit distant. I’ve traveled only a few times and only nearby. Oh the places I dream to go! To a faraway land full of excitement and wonder. Countries with great history, ruins, and beautiful vistas, and some not so beautiful yet still fascinating. This is what this week’s challenge is inspired by, all the places yet to be visited and a longing to visit.

Click here to see a video diary of Katey’s nails.