CND was founded in 1979 by Dr. Stuart Nordstrom (Jan Arnold’s father), a dentist who had an idea for a nail enhancement after a patient mentioned that temporary dental caps smelled similar to what was used to sculpt porcelain nails. Shortly after, Dr. Nordstrom invented the nail industry’s first monomer formulation product that was natural and non-yellowing — SolarNail.

CND puts performance at the forefront of product development. In 2010, CND introduced CND Shellac, a three-part UV/LED cured system that wears flawlessly for 14+ days. In 2013, CND launched Vinylux Weekly Polish System, a unique two-part system that boasts a self-adhering color coat and a top coat that utilizes new ProLight Technology for increased durability with exposure to natural light. In 2018, CND brought a new innovation to the industry with the launch of SHELLAC Luxe, a professional-only product with a 60-second removal time that allows pros to offer their clients a luxury service while saving themselves an extra 15 minutes in between salon appointments.

CND has advanced the state of the industry through training as well as technology, providing courses and workshops through its Creative Academy and Master Technician programs. Hundreds of thousands of nail professionals have benefited from CND’s educational programs, with more than 10,000 becoming certified Masters in liquid and powder, gel, or natural nail care, and more than 1,000 becoming Grand Masters (experts in all three).

With countless fashion collaborations at New York Fashion Week and across the globe, CND has defined nails as the ultimate fashion accessory, bringing new appreciation to the role of the nail in the total beauty picture. Where fashion shows were once focused on makeup and hair, CND has paved the way for nail brands to have their space backstage and on the runway with head-turning looks and innovation.

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