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Full Name: Eileen Fox
Hometown: Vernon, BC
Salon: Cheek to Chic
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Hand Painting with Gel Paint
Favorite Nail Trend: I love all the things!


My name is Eileen Fox, proud mother of two and a salon/spa owner of 13 years.

Although I see myself as a perfectionist, I have never been afraid to make mistakes or take on challenges that I thought where “above” me. I will always take the time to analyze my work and consider how I could have done it better.

Not only will I dazzle you with my attention to detail, but I will make you groan with a cheesy pun or serenade you with every lyric known to man.

I am a small-town Canadian girl with big city aspirations. My dream is to help nail professionals not only improve their nail game but take their business side to the next level.  It is time for us to thrive not just survive!

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Week #6

Fashion Fanatic

For this week’s challenge, we were asked to create a ready‐to‐wear version of a CND 3‐D runway look using ONLY Vinylux Nail Polish for nail art. Vinylux is all about long‐wear, therefore we were also asked to create a long set of nails. I chose the Blonds Spring/Summer 2018 NYC as the basis for my inspiration.

I loved the bright fun colors, the animal print, and the florals. To start my creation, I decided to sculpt the tips from scratch. CND used “chopped stiletto tips”, so I decided on an XXL Russian Almond shape for my version. The length of my shape is like a stiletto and the “chopped” edge is there, however, it is on a diagonal instead.

I really enjoyed pushing myself with this shape as I have never sculped a nail this long, nor customized a form for the long length. I have only attempted a Russian Almond once and overall I was happy with my results. I really tried to think outside the box as to how I could create nail art beyond just hand painting.

When I discovered that Vinylux peeled off nicely from the plastic wrap I was so excited to start creating. When a rule says “Nail polish Only” I follow it! It was so hard not to add gems, crystals or beading as the CND set was full of these beautiful embellishments and I was drooling. The rattlesnake tail gave me the biggest challenge; I made it three times until I was happy with my results.

I really hope you enjoy my version and I really hope that this set inspires other professionals to put down the gel polish and challenge themselves with some Vinylux creations–you may surprise yourself, I know I did!

See her technique video here.

And see her inspiration here!

For this week’s challenge, we were asked to give our interpretation of the word “Nailandia” using 2‐D 3‐D artwork. When I read the word Nailandia, I thought of Fun, Excitement and Celebration and what is more fun and exciting then seasonal nail art. My clients come in with fun ideas or I get creative freedom to unleash on their nails.

I divided the nails into groups of 2, a set for each season. I know what you’re thinking… 2 X 4 = 8 and you’re right,  but you will have to watch my video to find out.

Being a Gel nail tech, I really pushed myself this week using mostly acrylic. Each nail set has a technique that is usable in the salon and a technique that is just for NTNA. I also used Brisa Gel, Plexi Gel and Shellac. Spring is the beginning of Wedding Season in my salon, so this set was dedicated to the brides of the past and the brides to be. 3D roses, lace and crystals were used to adorn the nails. Soft and romantic, just like spring. Summer is a time for beaches, boating and fun in the sun. This set has ocean waves, beach balls, a ski boat. Also, an oyster with a treasure inside. Fall, my favorite season, is a time for giving thanks (I am Canadian). It is also a time for pumpkin patches, fall leaves, crisp cool air, and plaid.

I love, love, love decorating winter nails. There are just so many options–sugar nails, sweater nails, hand painted snowflakes and snowmen. I will spend extra hours in the salon to get my client’s nails just right.

For the bonus 5th season, you’ll have to watch my video and if you like my bonus recipe I’ve been living off of for the last 5 weeks, let me know. Thank you CND and Nails Magazine for continuing to let me live a Fun, Exciting and Celebratory Life!

See her YouTube Video Diary here and her TikTok Video here!

ab·stract: “Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.”

This week’s challenge asked us to create a ‘Futuristic,’ ‘Wearable Look’ based on a past CND Collection, and photoshoot the look on a model. I chose CND’s 2018 Fall collection called Wild Earth. My futuristic concept was Geometric Abstract Art. I chose Geometric because I love the symmetry and patterns.

The reason for Abstract was to give me the opportunity to incorporate negative space in my patterns, while still having geometric shapes or illusions. The earth concept speaks near and dear to me as I love being out in nature, and where I live right now is being devastated by wildfires which breaks my heart. We are truly living on a Wild Earth right now.

When doing my research on past photoshoot campaigns I noticed that the model’s nails were always cohesive, and on average, identical on all 5 or 10 fingers. I also took note that on the website there were 3 different styles, or art ideas for each collection. This gave me the idea to create 3 different, wearable looks for the everyday women, while hopefully appealing to 3 different skill levels of nail professionals.

If I can elevate even one nail artist and give them that “I can do that attitude,” then I have done my job.

My center nail is the more complex nail involving many time-consuming layers, as well as highs and lows of color saturation. The index and ring fingers are simple in concept, however, creating perfect parallel lines on a curved surface can be complex. The outer perimeter nails are dedicated to the new nail technicians and the clients coming in on their lunch break.

I suppose if there is someone out there reading this that will dust off the ol’ art brushes is also an ab·stract concept.

Click here to watch her video diary.

See the behind-the-scenes video, too!

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Week #3

Solar Power

For this week challenge we were asked to create celestial-inspired nail art at the cuticle area in honor of CND’s Solar Oil.  I decided to create a 3-D eye shape with each planet’s symbol represented in the center.  The reason I chose the eye shape is because I feel like we are surrounded, and everything is connected, with all “eyes”on us.  To me, these eyes are representation of the “third eye” and are symbolic of the inner eye that sees all things, with a cosmic perspective. 

I have always been fascinated with the planets and zodiac signs. Each finger has a planet and constellation.  The planets are not in order for artistic reasons.  

As the sun and moon were one of the focuses for this assignment, they were placed on the center nails.  It was interesting to learn that earth does not have a direct link to a zodiac sign, and I would love to find out why?  I used Libra’s constellation with earth because who does not want balance in life?   

For the 3-D element of this design and the fact that Stella Sampson (the Queen of moving parts) is our guest judge I knew I had to have something that moved! Also, the judges wanted to challenge us by having a small canvas and I figured if you can’t build out, go up! This is when I came up with a swiveling eye and a peek-a-boo planet underneath. The fact that they ended up looking like little spaceships was an added bonus. 

 Eye (see what I did there…?) really hope you enjoyed my creation and thank you again to NAILS Magazine and CND for sponsoring. 

Click here to watch her video diary.

Week #2

CND Couture

In honor of Paris Fashion Week, we were asked to create a set of haute couture nails inspired by a designer whose creations have graced this prestigious runway.  I have chosen Manisha Arora. Manisha is a designer who has been nicknamed “the John Galliano of India.” He is known for his psychedelic color palette in garments that combine traditional Indian craft like embroidery, applique and beading with a Western silhouette. Our challenge asked us to create either stitching, embroidery or beading and I chose to focus on beading.

I was drawn to his 2019 Spring Collection as I am a lover of all things neon and his garments, to me, scream 80s. It was hard to narrow down to one outfit but the one I chose gave me an opportunity to push myself using Hard Gel, Acrylic, and Shellac. While acrylic is not my usual medium, the flowers on this dress were a perfect way to push myself. I tried to zoom in on all elements of the outfit leaving nothing behind, including the shoes.  

The cross hatch in the hearts on the dress was another challenge. It took many attempts to not have the Shellac too thin, causing it to ripple or not cut, or to thin, leaving me unable to flex the multiple layers over the nail. One of my favorite nails was the purse nail; I mean who doesn’t like cake? 8 out of 10 nails have handmade pearls and there are approximately 200 in the entire set. The other 2 nails have individually placed metal beads which are flash cured in-between.  I find there is something therapeutic and a sense of pride about this meticulous placement. 

I hope everyone enjoys this set as much as I did creating them. Thank you, CND and Nails Magazine, for sponsoring and I look forward to the next challenge. 

Click here to watch her video diary.

Week #1

A to Z CND

For this challenge we were asked to use the letters C, N and D to describe our personal journey. I chose Chic for ‘C’, New for ‘N’ and Direction for ‘D’. This makes “Chic New Direction.”  

When I was little, I always dabbled with my mom’s makeup and nail products. I can remember using t-shirt craft paints to paint murals on my Mom’s toes. I knew from a young age that I loved art, nails and makeup. In high school my intentions were to go into the film industry as a special effects makeup artist. I trained in hair and makeup post grad with intentions of working in Holly North (aka Vancouver), however, my housing situation ended, and I returned to my small town.  

At that point I figured I might as well take esthetics, which included nail enhancements, and consider myself well rounded. A few years and some soul searching resulted in me opening my first, and current business, Cheek to Chic. When I was unable to find a nail professional to perform nail services, I knew I had to step up.  

I must be honest, I hated it at first, but it did not take long for me to fall in love with nails again. With some blood, sweat and tears, I realized that these tiny little canvases represented a new opportunity for artistic expression. As much as I have always loved makeup, I have equally fallen in love with nails.  

Through the years of doing nail and makeup services I have made the discovery that my passion has a new Direction. 

My mural is shaped as a polish bottle as it pertains to NTNA, as well as representing my excitement for this “unbottled.”  Half my face, dressed with makeup, represents that makeup is only half of me. The transition from left to right of lipstick, to an art brush, to a polish brush is to show the metamorphosis of my journey. The nails on the right represent my other half. 

Click here to watch her video diary.

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