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Full Name: Elena Putinseva
Hometown: Khakassia, Russia
Salon: Abakan Nails
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Acrylic
Favorite Nail Trend: Hand-Painted Nails


Hello!  Working as a manicurist in Russia is not looked at with much respect.  I want to prove that this profession should be respected the way we respect doctors or teachers, because manicurists give people the most important thing—a good mood!

You need to vote for me every week because nails are the meaning of my life! I have loved them all my life.

My family works with me, and I taught them how to design nails and how to run the family business.  I hope that my children will also find a love for nails.

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Week #3

Solar Power

CND Solar Oil is legendary for me!  I can’t imagine my life without this product, and my clients also cannot imagine life without it.  It has a natural composition and I associate it with a country with a bright color, where everything is natural. 

 The warmth of the sun and the comfort of the moon are Solar Oil. They envelop us—and our nails and cuticles–with care.  I would even say it goes beyond care into a treatment, similar to how the sun heals us and gives us vitamins. All of this inspired me to do this job. 

Sacrament and magic are what Solar Oil is for me. I also perceive the mystery of the full moon or the starry sky. And when I look at Indian women, it seems to me that they know the secret of beauty. And I know the secret, the beauty of your nails—with Solar Oil.  

As you look at my work today, I want you to smell the sweet almond…  Thank you! 

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Week #2

CND Couture

For me, Paris is the capital of high fashion. Yes, you may not be wearing these clothes on the streets in everyday life, but this is high fashion! This is also how I feel about competition nails. They may not be worn every day, but they are art. That is why I chose Elsa Schiaparelli’s fashion house for my work.   

This great Italian woman united fashion and art.  It was she who laid the foundation for the collaboration of fashion houses with artists. This is the first reason I chose this designer. And the second reason—and the main one for which I decided to make nails for the images of Elsa Schiaparelli—is that we as artists have a similar motivation.  Schiaparelli wanted to shock the audience, with the word “shock” being a kind of praise for bold creativity. This was important to her.  

 I relate to this because I would like create nail designs for my clients and the first thing they experience when looking at them is a pleasant “shock.”  Nails that are the kind that everyone looks at and everyone likes them, but not everyone is ready to try them on.  

Elsa had this, too. Everyone wanted to see the things she designed, but, at first, they were afraid of wearing them or taking them on because of the novelty of styles and colors. Elsa did not think to stop her work–and continued to sew more and more extraordinary outfits, which later became extremely popular and formed the basis of modern avant-garde fashion. 

After Elsa, the world of fashion was introduced to ready-to-wear, clothes ready to wear immediately after purchase. I want my nails to be worn by more women, and to show them they don’t have limit themselves to a short white jacket, because this is also a classic! 

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Week #1

A to Z CND

  Hey! My name is Elena Putintseva, I am a master nail artist from Russia. Since this is an International Challenge, I wanted to make a manicure tour to some countries of the world and get acquainted with the features of the nail service.  

 Today we are in Russia. Different countries equals different trends and manicure mastery is no exception. Traveling around the world, we notice the difference in culture, mentality, habits and norms of behavior.  

 The beauty industry also has its own specific features inherent in a particular country. In Russia, manicure is not only nail care, but also a time for sincere conversations. People in Russia perceive a manicure and pedicure session as a relaxing ritual. Often the master’s office turns into a psychological room for emotional relief.  

 This year I will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of my professional career and participation in this competition is the greatest gift that fate has prepared for me for this anniversary! In my work, I want to tell you in three letters CND about my growth in the profession.  

 20 years ago, I only had a chair, a table, and a small box of CND materials. C is for championship. This is participation in championships! Since I am from a very small city in Siberia – from Abakan,  the capital of the Republic of Khakassia—the  first championship I won was the championship of Khakassia, then the championship of the Krasnoyarsk region, in Krasnoyarsk, then the championship of Siberia in the city of Novosibirsk.  

 After the championship Nevskie Berega in St. Petersburg, and finally, the championship of Russia in Moscow. CND showed me the whole world, thanks to this profession I saw all the cities in Russia and depicted them in my work . 

 N is for name. This is the name that I earned at first, so that later this name would start working for me! Having worked for CND for 20 years, I have never changed this brand, and therefore I believe that all that I have today is thanks to this brand. Now I am here!  

 D is for dream. This is a dream! I have a dream to win this challenge and to do even more for the nail industry! I am very happy to participate in this challenge and I want to thank everyone who helped me to be here. Low bow to you to the ground! 

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