Strength in Color: The Top 3 and the Bottom 3

This season’s first challenge asked the Top 12 to show us two of their strengths using CND’s new PlexiGel colors.

This week’s guest judges are NTNA champions Ryoko Garcia and Valerie Ducharme.

In alphabetical order, the Top 3 are:

Marija: The judges were completely wowed by your first attempt at this shape. They all agree it paid off! Your portrait artwork is incredibly crisp. Well done!

Nancy: Your hand painting skills are beautifully on-point. Thanks for sharing them with us this week! The judges also applaud your sculpting skills and the fact that you chose to show them off in Week 1. Overall, fantastic work!

Nathan: The judges agree that one of your strengths is tiny detailed design. They loved your unique take on the artwork for this challenge, creating textures out of imaginative mediums. They also thank you for sharing your story with us.

Amberley: The judges loved your storytelling and clamshell nails. A little more painting on each design would have upped your score.

Ewa: You can paint faces flawlessly! The judges loved this colorful design, however, more inclusion of the CND Color Builder palette would have done the subject of the challenge more justice.

Kristen: Your inspiration and tattoo art went over so well with the judges. They also greatly appreciate your pro tips, but think they appear too quickly on-screen prior to disappearing.

Nic: You did beautiful work this week! The judges just wish you had incorporated more CND PlexiGel into this design.

Quyên: Your write-up and voice on camera are brilliant and professional. The judges are torn about the artwork flowing together well. They are unanimous in saying that your video editing needs refinement because it goes a bit too fast.

Trina: Congratulations on making nail art that made the judges hungry! They all agree your message and cereal art were delicious. More art on the actual nails could have pushed you into the Top 3! Overall, great work!

Anastasiya: The judges thank you for your powerful and poignant message spoken through your nail art. Our hearts are with you and the Ukranian people. More details in your artwork and more refinement of your hand painting would elevate this piece.

Anna: The judges feel you missed the mark this week. Your video diary would benefit from editing. Using more CND PlexiGel Colors in your overall design would have helped your score.

Ella: You are fabulous on camera and your demo is crisp and clean. The issues the judges have is with your usage of Polygel in place of PlexiGel (the hero product of this challenge) this week.