Strength in Color: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Congrats Marija on snagging the first win of Season 9! The judges were amazed by your strong sculpting skills and insane portrait art. You now have immunity for next week’s challenge and cannot be eliminated!

Here’s what the judges had to say about Marija’s design:

Head Judge Jan Arnold:

I could have watched your video diary repeatedly. These nails are magnificent…and your nails as well.  They take you on a spellbinding journey. That portrait looks like a photograph and could be an actual film over the nails, they’re so perfectly detailed. Please show the demo vertical to screen, the way a pro would do nails, for better viewing.  I’d prefer more tips and tricks and teaching on how you achieve such precision. Beware product on the skin, as you will be marked down in professionalism for this. Overall, great work! Wow.

Guest Judge Valerie Ducharme:

Wow the complete design is amazing, you are so talented, your technique is incredible and you have a lot of skill. When you do your video please teach how your do it, why you chose this brush, how to paint face etc. When I saw the butterfly I was a little bit worried, because we see it so many times in competition. For original points, you lost a bit for creativity and innovation. But you did so well that it is ok. I want to see more creativity  in the next design. I love your picture as well, you know what you are doing when and where the focus point will be in your picture. Congrats!

Guest Judge Ryoko Garcia:

Sculpting an extreme shape is one of the most difficult techniques. And you did it for the first time… WOW! The portrait is so dimensional and crisp. Amazing work!

Game Master Winnie Huang:

What a beautiful story, so perfectly illustrated. This is phenomenal, I’m obsessed! I would have never guessed that you haven’t attempted this shape yet because you sculpted them like a champ! Thank you for challenging yourself, we like that here at NTNA! You’re INSANE at portraits and your Titanic nails on your other hand is to die for. One note to mention is that I noticed some injuries in your thumb…perhaps next time consider using a model if possible? I would love to see you attempt featuring/using more CND products seeing that they are the sponsor this week. Perhaps instead of painting with acrylic paint, I invite you to head out of your comfort zone and paint with Shellac!

Season 8 Champion Emily Nash:

I love you taking a chance and building a new shape. This is absolutely breathtaking. I would love to hear some more teachable moments and make sure you are recording in a high quality. Also would love to see the colors of the PlexiGel represented a little more.

The nail artist who will be packing up their paintbrushes this week is Anna.
Anna, we so loved having you in the competition and are honored to have you in the beauty industry! Thank you for your beautiful story this week.
This won’t be the last you hear from Anna. She will be going up against the next eliminated contestant in CND’s Last Chance Design Lab where she will have one more chance to stay in the competition. Stay tuned next week to find out who she will go up against.