Color Me KUPA: The Top 3 and the Bottom 3

The second challenge of the season asked contestants to show us colorful, interchangeable nail art inspired by KUPA’s Color Sleeves.

This week’s guest judges were Lauren Wireman and Melisa Salazar.

In alphabetical order, the Top 3 are:

Marija: The depth and effect of these nails had the judges mesmerized. Your concept of the KUPA universe was out of this world and did the challenge justice. Some slight video improvements would make your score a perfect one. BRAVO!

Nancy: This set is brilliantly executed and the judges like the long, dramatic length you chose. They applaud your video improvements but think that the graphics could be lightened up just a little. Well done!

Nic: Different painting techniques, excellent use of color, and exquisite detail made your set a beautifully cohesive one that captured the essence of this challenge. Some tweaks to your audio would up your score just a bit. Great work!

Amberley: The dimension you created on these nails is beautifully done. The judges liked your mystical take on this challenge, although a bit too literal. Zooming in tighter on your work would help us learn from you even more.

Anastasiya: The judges loved your split face design and the interchangeability of this set! Adding more dimension would make these nails even more extraordinary.

Nathan: The judges loved your color references, fashion inspiration, technique, and out-of-the-box thinking. Now push your art by adding in even more drama — we all know you’re capable of this.

Quyên: You’ve captivated the judges with your on-screen presence and storytelling. They all agree that the art pen was a genius idea. Now diversify your art techniques and skills for a more competitive edge.

Trina: This set paid a beautiful homage to both your hometowns and the lights were a brilliant addition. For a color challenge, a more dynamic color choice would have brightened up your set.

Ella: These nails are gorgeous salon sets. The photography and glow in the dark elements are well done. For NTNA, you will need to push your art even further though.

Ewa: The judges can tell you incorporated their feedback on this week’s video and they were so happy to see these improvements. Unfortunately, your artwork this week fell short of the challenge guidelines and did not exemplify your skillset.

Kristen: You stayed on theme this week with a pretty purple pixie palette. Perhaps varying up the color choices would have made this set stand out a bit more. The judges agree it’s always a treat to watch your gorgeous hand painting on camera — thank you for a great video!