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Editor's note: Where Are All the Nail Superstars?

When I was asked recently to present my concept of “The Future of Nails,” I really let my imagination wander. I imagined an industry where nail technicians have the same respect, professionals, and prestige associated with other beauty professionals, particularly hairstylists. I envisioned an industry where we have just as many nail technician “superstars” as the hair industry has.

Until now, the nail industry hasn’t had the superstars that the hair industry has. But that is going to change because nails are becoming a very powerful part of the beauty industry.

People know the names of prominent hairstylists. Frederic Fekkai is in the fashion magazines every month; everyone heard about the $200 haircut Cristophe gave the president. You hear the name Umberto and Jose and everyone knows who you’re talking about.

People are proud to say they’ve gone to a certain hairstylist and paid a lot of money for a haircut.

I believe that you will begin to see that same thing with nail technicians: the same prestige, quality, mystique, professionalism, and high profile that hairstylists now enjoy, so too will nail technicians. Your clients will say, with the same pride, “I get my nails done by so-and-so.”

As nail care emerges from the background of the beauty business and is understood as part of the whole fashion picture, you will see nail technicians assume a larger role in the salon and a more prominent voice in beauty fashion.

The key to achieving this status is education – understanding your products, doing extremely fine work, using the right product on the right client, knowing how to talk to your clients, and running your business professionally.

You are the future of the nail industry. Good luck!


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