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Reader to Reader: What's better in the salon: small private rooms or a room with multiple stations?

Reader to Reader: Should the salon be closed on holidays?

Any suggestions on how to avoid theft without keeping everything behind bars?

What’s your best advice for mobile techs on how to pack and travel with your nail polishes?

I’m very concerned about the other nail salons that follow the rules; it makes us all look bad. How can we stop them?

Reader to Reader: Who is your best "nail friend"?

Reader to Reader: What's the nicest thing a client has ever said to you?

How do you charge your coworkers for services?

How can I convert my existing client base into regular gel-polish clients?

Reader to Reader: If you could open a salon anywhere in the world, where would you open it?

Reader to Reader: Other than money, what would motivate you to work harder at your current salon?

Should I advertise in the Yellow Pages?

What is the best place to recruit nail techs?

Reader to Reader: Who did you choose as your state board hand model and why?

How do I decide on a salon uniform color?

What can you tell me about Yelp?

How important is it that I work for somebody else first before I open my own place?

Where will I get the most bang for my buck when it comes to advertising on a budget?

Reader to Reader: If your salon was on fire and you had time to grab three things, what would they be and why?

Reader to Reader: What's the right amount of input to give a client with regard to her nail look?

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