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Can I fix a client's nail that constantly grows to one side?

Can dust from filing acrylics can cause serious damage to the nostrils, lungs, kidneys, and liver?

What causes thick, peeling skin on the foot, the kind that no amount of sloughing helps?

I have dents in my nail plate. Is it possible I overexposed myself to the UV light?

I have a client who lost a nail after it got caught in a car door. The nail has grown back, but now has very deep ridges. Can I apply acrylic over it?

If a nail technician works on a client with warts on her hands or feet, will she get the virus?

When the cuticle is pushed over-vigorously, can the nail then be affected by both onycholysis and leukonychia at the same time?

What has caused a client's suddenly grooved nails?

How does a nail affected with onycholysis become reattached?

I’m trying paraffin treatments on an arthritic client, but they don’t seem to help. Is it her arthritis that is causing this?

Should I work on a client with ringworm?

The Lab Reports: Top Nail Experts Answer Your Questions

What's causing my acrylic clients' peeling under the free edge?

Two clients of mind have large white patches on their nails that never go away.

What's causing redness and blisters under my client's skin and on the side of the nails?

A few of my clients have developed a thin brown line under a nail at one time.

How can I stop the natural nail from peeling?

I have two clients with large white patches on their nails.

A silk wrap client has developed a rash. I suspect hormones. Does that make sense?

My own nails are extremely thin, and they peel, chip, and never grow past the end of my finger.

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