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colored acrylics

November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

Acrylic powders (polymers) that have been tinted with color; used with regular monomers to create custom color enhancements or “permanent” nail art.

Keywords: acrylics   chemicals   colored acrylics   nail art  

chelating surfactant

November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

A cleaner that works in hard water; when used properly, chelating surfactants act like “microscopic scrub brushes” and remove biofilm (a thin layer of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that coat surfaces) from the inside of the tubing in pedi spas.

Keywords: chemicals   disinfection  

benzoyl peroxide (BPO)

November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

An initiator used to energize monomers and cause polymerization to occur.

Keywords: chemicals  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

A substance with a pH value greater than 7.0.

Keywords: chemicals  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

Having a pH greater than 7.0.

Keywords: chemicals  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

A chemical substance capable of holding together two surfaces; the most common adhesive in the nail industry is cyanoacrylate (also called “glue”).

Keywords: adhesives   chemicals   glue  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

A chemical used to accelerate a reaction or increase chemical activity in another material.

Keywords: chemicals  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

Family of monomers used in light-curing gel products.

Keywords: chemicals   gels  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

Primers that contain absolutely no acid components at all.

Keywords: chemicals   primers  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

A term referring to primers that contain methacrylic acid.

Keywords: chemicals   primers  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

A substance with a pH between 0 and 7.

Keywords: chemicals  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

A volatile, fragrant, flammable liquid used chiefly as a solvent, often found in polish remover; can be used to soak off acrylic nails.

Keywords: acetone/removal products   chemicals   removal products  


November 19, 2012  | Encyclopedia

A substance added or applied to an adhesive/coating to promote, speed, or control the curing (hardening) process; different from catalysts in that accelerators take part in the chemical reaction.

Keywords: acrylics   chemicals   curing   gels  

colored gel

October 20, 2011  | Encyclopedia

Color gels can be used over natural nails, sculpted nails, and tips, and can be filed off or soaked off.


Keywords: chemicals   colored gels   gels   nail art   soak-off gels  


June 15, 2011  | Encyclopedia

Acrylics refers to any of a group of clear, synthetic resins used to make plastics, paints, etc. Nail enhancements (or artificial nails) made by combining a liquid acrylic product (monomer) with a powdered acrylic product (polymer); the two products form a soft ball that can be molded into a nail shape that adheres well to the natural nail or a tip; once applied, the acrylic hardens into a strong artificial nail that can be filed and buffed to a high shine.

Keywords: acrylics   chemicals   enhancements   liquid-to-powder ratio   Lynn Lammers  

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