Q&A: fungal infections

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Can working on an infected nail be harmful to me?

Can artificial nails make a nail fungus infection even worse than it already is?

How do I get rid of the white spots on the nails?

Why do some of my clients’ toenails seem to warp with age?

Why would my client’s toenails just fall off?

How do I diplomatically turn away a pedicure customer who has a fungus?

Is it true that some callus buildup can be caused by a fungus?

Is it safe for me to wear acrylics if I do a lot of pedicures and my hands are constantly in dirty water?

What effect does cold weather have on the nails?

What causes fungal infections and how should I treat them?

I have an elderly client with fungus on one foot only. Is that normal?

I think I may have scaly skin that's caused by something called two foot/one hand syndrome. What do I do?

What are my responsibilities if a client acquires a nail infection after I have performed a nail service on her?

What would cause a toenail to turn brown?

I have a number of clients with nail fungus who have no interest in taking medication. What home remedies can I offer?

Does nail discoloration indicate there is still fungus present?

I have a male client in his 70s with nails that turn white then peel off.

A male client has white lines down is nails, which are also arching. Could dehydration be the cause?

Sometimes I see white spots that get worse and spread all over the nail and to other nails. They cause peeling and in severe cases the nail crumbles a

What causes thick, peeling skin on the foot, the kind that no amount of sloughing helps?


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