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How can I stop lifting around the cuticle area?

I have so much trouble with lifting, even when I prep the nail plate and push back the cuticles. Any suggestions?

Would aggressive nail buffing cause lifting?

Could you tell me how to prevent gels from lifting from the nail tips?

When doing backfills on my gels, why am I having a problem with the white separating and coming off?

Is it safe for me to wear acrylics if I do a lot of pedicures and my hands are constantly in dirty water?

Can you apply acrylic on the underside of the nail to prevent the product from lifting at the free edge as the nail grows out?

Why is an air pocket appearing in the middle of my clients' acrylic nails?

My client's nails are constantly lifting away from the nail bed. What causes this? How can it be treated?

When applying small wet beads of acrylic in the cuticle area, wouldn’t this make your ratio off and cause lifting?

Could the vitamins a client takes cause her nails to lift?

How does salon temperature or body temperature affect the acrylic application process?

I cannot figure out what is causing my client's inability to keep a full set on.

Is too much primer causing lifting?

I have found that sunblock can aggravate lifting. Is there any scientific reason for this?

What ingredients in lotions and soaps can cause lifting?

How should I treat a client with psoriasis of the nails and pseudomonas?

Could chlorine in a swimming pool cause my client's acrylics to lift?

I have a few clients who sometimes get a deep crack in the middle of the nail plate



The biological process of becoming sensitive to a particular substance; adverse reactions to a chemical resulting from previous exposure to that...
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