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What should I do when clients have their check prepared for one service, but the price ends up higher?

Should I lower my prices to meet other people’s standards or am I right to charge more because I give better service?

How do I avoid raising prices in this economy when my product costs are increasing?

Reader to Reader: Do you give away free services to your family?

A client wearing acrylics wants to come in weekly. Should another coat of acrylic be added or is there another procedure to follow?

Reader to Reader: How do you let your clients know you're raising your prices?

Should a beginner tech earn the same wages as a more season tech?

Reader to Reader: Do you charge family members for nail services?

Do you bargain when it comes to your prices?

How do I determine my fee for party packages?

When asked by a client, how do I justify my higher prices compared to a discount salon?

How should I respond when clients ask me why they should pay a higher price for my services?

How do I stay within my clients’ budgets while my costs keep going up?

Dear Shari: What can we do about those returning clients who tip $1 for a manicure and pedicure service?

How do I know if I am pricing my acrylic 3-D nail art correctly?

What special product or procedure do you add to your regular manicure to help promote it?

Do you charge for nail repairs during fills?

How do you announce service price increases?

How Do You Deal With Friends and Family Who Want Freebies?

How do you announce an increase in your service prices?



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