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What You Need to Know About Swarovski’s Crystal Pixie
  • Sigourney Nuñez
  • February 17, 2016

It’s basically fairy dust for nails! 

 This is Crystal Pixie...

Image via @emi__ono
<p>Image via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="emi__ono" href="" data-reactid=".2n.">@emi__ono</a></p>


Swarovski’s newest product made specifically for nails.

Image via @naildivaxox
<p>Image via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="naildivaxox" href="" data-reactid=".1v.">@naildivaxox</a></p>

Crystal Pixie consists of tiny particles of round crystals mixed with tiny cut crystals. Say it with us: “Ohh! Ahhh!”


Crystal Pixie is available in four colors with names like Cute Mood, Rock Shock, Deluxe Rush, and Classy Sassy.

Image via @nailsbyelisaturi
<p>Image via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="nailsbyelisaturi" href="" data-reactid=".2p.">@nailsbyelisaturi</a></p>

It’s packaged in a beautiful bottle.

Image via @daily_charme
<p>Image via <a href="" target="_blank">@daily_charme</a></p>


And it even includes a handy funnel!


When applied to nails, it adds a beautiful shine...

Image via @gelindulgence
<p>Image via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="gelindulgence" href="" data-reactid=".">@gelindulgence</a></p>


And texture.

Image via @sfnoma
<p>Image via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="sfnoma" href="" data-reactid=".">@sfnoma</a></p>


You can accent just one finger,

Image via @kknailstudio
<p>Image via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="kknailstudio" href="" data-reactid=".2i.">@kknailstudio</a></p>


Or bling out an entire set.

Image via @pizzaperfectnails
<p>Image via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="pizzaperfectnails" href="" data-reactid=".1z.">@pizzaperfectnails</a></p>


It can be applied over nail polish,

Imaeg via @chicnails2009
<p>Imaeg via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="chicnails2009" href="" data-reactid=".1q.">@chicnails2009</a></p>



Image via @graffitinailbar
<p>Image via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="graffitinailbar" href="" data-reactid=".2l.">@graffitinailbar</a></p>



Image via
<p>Image via <a class="_4zhc5 _ook48" title="" href="" data-reactid=".2g."></a></p>


And Acrylic.

Image via @princess_paige1
<p>Image via <a href="" target="_blank">@princess_paige1</a></p>


You can even encapsulate it.

Image via @lucynailsit
<p>Image via <a href="" target="_blank">@lucynailsit</a></p>



Image via @lucynailsit
<p>Image via <a href="" target="_blank">@lucynailsit</a></p>


Or mix and match with other crystals.

Image via @seriouslynails
<p>Image via <a href="" target="_blank">@seriouslynails</a></p>


However you use Crystal Pixie, it sure is gorgeous!

Image via @gelessentialz
<p>Image via <a href="" target="_blank">@gelessentialz</a></p>

BONUS: Click here to watch how to apply the product. 

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