Who would have thought the nail care industry’s most innovative company would get its start with a chance discovery in a dentist’s office? That’s where Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, a practicing dentist, got the idea for a new nail enhancement product. A patient remarked that the material used to prepare temporary caps smelled like the material used to sculpt porcelain nails. The result was SolarNail Liquid, the industry’s first-ever cross-linked monomer formulation for greater nail strength and flexibility—and the first product to deliver natural, non-yellowing nail enhancements. SolarNail was a transformative event. It changed the future of the nail industry. It changed the future of the Nordstrom family. And to this day, together with a growing team of passionate professionals, CND has continued to change the industry for the past 34 years – now in 65 countries worldwide.

With every new breakthrough came growth: Throughout the 1980s alone, the company doubled its revenues every year. Recognizing that leadership over the long-term would require more than entrepreneurship and sheer panache, the company evolved into a sophisticated marketer and a truly disciplined enterprise — while never losing sight of the one-on-one connection with the professional that lives at the heart of the industry. In the unforgettable images with which it has introduced new products, CND opened a window to a world of beauty in which the nail plays an important role. Widening this window still further, the company has looked beyond product to people, focusing on the real needs and aspirations of the nail professional. Co-founder Jan Nordstom-Arnold, in particular, has championed the company’s commitment to education and advocacy.

Through the courses and workshops of its Creative Academy to its respected Master Technician programs, CND has advanced the state of the industry through training as well as technology. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation as the most user-friendly, knowledgeable, and well-equipped educational resource in the industry. As the Nail Professional’s advocate, CND has increased nail professionals’ knowledge of products and procedures, enhanced their credibility with customers, and helped them to build stronger businesses. Noted for their high level of consistency, the company’s Education Ambassadors work closely with Nail Professionals worldwide, not only in academies but also in salons, at tradeshows and, in conjunction with distributors. Among the hundreds of thousands of Nail Professionals who have benefited from CND’s educational programs, today more than 10,000 are certified Masters in either Liquid & Powder Enhancements, Gel Enhancements, or Natural Nail Care. More than 1,000 are Grand Masters — consummate experts in all three areas.

For all its people skills, CND has remained solidly science-based. Beyond marketing savvy, the company understands that chemistry remains a core competency: the promise CND makes to professionals is grounded in performance. Time and again, the company’s R&D resources have proven their worth, delivering new levels of effectiveness backed by tangible proof — with groundbreaking brands such as Retention+ Liquid & Powder, Brisa Gel, SpaPedicure, SpaManicure, Scentsations lotions & washes,  and SolarOil. Since the launch of CND Shellac, the company has continued on this path of trailblazing innovation with the introduction of Brisa Lite Removable Gels, VINYLUX Weekly Polish System, and Creative Play.

In 2013, CND updated its tagline to “Nails. Fashion. Beauty.” Forging alliances with well-known designers and collaborating on countless shows at New York Fashion Week and across the globe, the company brings new appreciation to the role of the nail in the total beauty picture. As it looks to the future, CND continues to expand on its vision of nails as part of a more inclusive concept of beauty, fueled by ongoing innovation and advocacy for the beauty professional. Around the world, CND ensures a lively exchange of ideas and practices across borders and continents. And back in Southern California, one of the beauty industry’s most inspired teams finds new ways to expand on the nail’s potential and promise.

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