Pointillism is a painting technique from the Neo-Impressionist era of art, where the artist would create a painting using tiny dots of various pure colors, which would become blended in the viewer’s eye. This week, Wildflowers Nail Academy challenges the Top 3 to create a pointillism mural out of Wildflowers Holographic Glitter. Contestants have the artistic freedom to create any ORIGINAL image (no character art or work from other artists) using this technique across a 5-tip nail mural. They also had to create a 2-3 minute time-lapse video of at least 1 nail from their set. The last 10-20 seconds of their video should be showing off the finished masterpiece.

The winner of this week’s challenge will receive a prize pack from Wildflowers including the Micro Hologram Glitter Set, Puffy Tool, Loaded Brush Case, Matte Top Coat, Metallic Top Coat, Puffy Gel Set, Angel Flakes, and Bubbles Glitter Collection (approximate value: over $500).

You can interact with Wildflowers online at: