EzFlow’s latest collection, Ethereal Blossom, features six rustically romantic acrylic powders with a stunning shimmer effect that shifts with movement and light. For this challenge, EzFlow wants to see how the Top 4 make a nail garden grow. Sow the seeds of creativity by planting 3-D nail looks across five actual nails.The entire EzFlow collection must be used when creating the nails for this challenge. Contestants could only use these shades and the other acrylic products EzFlow supplied them – no gel, lacquer, or embellishments allowed. A 3-5 minute video documenting inspiration and technique along with a 300 word written description was also required.

The winner of this week’s challenge will score everything needed to complete the perfect set of pink and white acrylic nails including EzFlow HD Acrylic Powders, nail forms, the latest Design Colour Acrylic and Boogie Nights collections, and so much more! (A retail value of over $750!)

You can interact with EzFlow online at: