KUPA has generously supplied the Top 5 with a MANIPro Passport electric nail file. For this challenge, we want to see contestants combine two techniques to create their works of art. The judges want to see the e-file used to carve a unique nail shape that will be part of the finished masterpiece. The artwork is to be created on 5 actual nails can be either tip/overlay or sculptured  and must be created with at least 4 of the 8 provided ArtFinity Triptych color acrylic powders (Pink, White, and Clear acrylic may be used). Rhinestones and glitter may be used. Paint (gel or acrylic paint) may also be used to accent the art but should not be the focus. The judges want to see some acrylic mastery skills. The resulting artwork should be inspired by judge Elaine Watson’s favorite artist, Salvador Dali. This means the artwork should be Surrealist in nature and should integrate the shape of the nail into the actual artwork. A 5-7 minute video diary of the process and inspiration will be required. The judges want to see how the nails were shaped in the video.

The winner of this challenge will receive the complete remaining set of Triptych colors (40 in total). Approximate value: $500!

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