How do I relax after a hectic day at the salon?


How do I relax after a hectic day at the salon?


I like to go to a really nice restaurant and relax. If I’m going out with coworkers, I talk about what stressed me out at the salon and get feedback from them. I also go out with clients after work and talk to them about what relaxes them in the salon. The one thing I don’t do is go home and go straight to bed. I need away to wind, down alter the day. If I go right to bed, I start thinking about the problems I had during the day and I can’t sleep. I watch the news first or call a friend. Sometimes just talking about a problem is enough to relax me.-Judy Tomaras, Nail Technician, Avante Nail Studio, Barrington, Ill.

I put my feet up and listen to some music. I work two jobs, so before I go to my next job I give myself a pedicure. I need to relax my body because I gel tense from sitting in the same place all clay. Sometimes when I’m at the salon, I get up between clients, rotate my shoulders, and stretch.-Lisa Kirk, Nail Technician, Hair Biz, Detroit, Mich.

I have the advantage of working at home where I can create an environment that’s relaxing for the client and me. The salon is a sun room with a lot of plants. I like to play whatever music the client is in the mood for and serve coffee;, tea, or wine. I schedule a 15-minute interval between clients so I’m not rushing trying to accommodate; them. Rushing only makes me feel tired.-Teresa Lains, Salon Owner, Just For You, Lithonia, Ga.

I work out on my stair climber and watch television for 20 minutes after I get home. I let out all my aggression on the climber. Afterwards, I feel kind of drained and I’m ready to relax.-Linda Joseph, Salon Owner, Looking Good, Seattle, Wash.

I relax with a nice hot bath. Thai’s my only place to read since I have four kids. I lock myself in the bathroom and read everything from magazines to newspapers. I stay there until the hot water runs out!-Beata Luznicky, Nail Technician, Debbie’s on Main, Waterford, Wis.

When I first started my business, I used to struggle to work faster and more efficiently. I used to go home, go to bed, and dream about doing nails. I think the dreams are what got me through the stressful days. When I woke up in the morning, I was ready to go to work. I think the dreams worked out the sequence of how to get all the work done.-Maggie Boyd, Salon Owner, Avante Nail Studio, Barrington, Ill.

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