Work alongside brand ambassadors like Jenny Bui. The Get Discovered Backstage contest runs...

Work alongside brand ambassadors like Jenny Bui. The Get Discovered Backstage contest runs through November 2022.

Photo: Booksy

Firefly Music Festival, a multi-genre music festival held in the Woodlands of Dover, DE, hosted an incredible, star-studded lineup of bands and music stars this past September. Among the lineup were iconic musical artists, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Weezer, Halsey, Dua Lipa, Avril Lavigne, and many more.

Cloud-based appointment booking solution Booksy sent the company's ambassador, Jenny Bui (@nailon7th) backstage with some of the country’s most famous, chart-topping musicians to create content and capture artists at work.

Jenny Bui is a Bronx-based nail artist and is best known for her signature style — applying Swarovski crystals to stiletto-shaped nails to create star studded sensations. You may have seen this signature look on her world-renowned music artists such as Cardi B and other A-list celebrity clients. Jenny, AKA the Queen of Bling, had so much fun backstage at Firefly Music Festival.

Jenny is a well-respected nail artist and educator, and believes Booksy can help nail techs and beauty pros across the country get discovered. Through Booksy’s Get Discovered Backstage contest, beauty providers now have a chance to work alongside ambassadors like Jenny, showcase their talents in front of some of the world’s largest crowds, and style some of the top music acts of today.

To enter, Booksy providers must meet these three eligibility requirements:

  1. Must have an active Booksy account.
  2. Have at least 10 reviews on your profile.
  3. Have cumulative profile review rating of at least a 4.8 or above.

This contest runs through November 2022, so there’s still time to Get Discovered Backstage! Visit 

Download the Booksy Biz mobile app or visit to learn more.

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