1. Prep and cleanse the nails for a dry manicure. Remove shine from the nails. Apply GelFX Primer to the entire nail. Apply GelFX Perfect Fit Nail Forms.

2. Apply Builder In A Bottle onto one third of the nail plate, just above the free edge, and flash cure for 10 seconds.

3. Apply a thin layer of GelFX Builder In A Bottle onto the entire nail surface, making sure to reinforce the sidewalls. Do not cure.

4. Float a bead of Builder In A Bottle down the center of the nail to create an apex. Flash cure for 10 seconds.

5. Repeat on all nails and cure for 30 seconds.

6. Remove the nail forms and cleanse the nails with alcohol.

7. File, shape, and buff. Cleanse the nails thoroughly to remove debris. 

8. Apply your desired GelFX nail color and GelFX top coat and cure each layer for 30 seconds. Cleanse nails with alcohol. Finish by applying GelFX Cuticle Oil. 

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