Here are six questions to ask yourself before buying your next nipper.


1. What jaw size should I get?

Jaw size comes down to personal preference. A smaller jaw usually yields more control. A ¼ jaw (3 mm) nipper is the smallest offered and a ½ jaw (5 mm) is the most popular. If you prefer to remove more cuticle at once, use a larger size, such as a full jaw (7 mm).


2. What handle length is best for my hand?

Choose a handle length based on hand size and preference. If you have larger hands, you may want to try a 4½ inch long version. Otherwise, a 4 inch nipper should work.


3. Double spring or single spring?

The type of spring you choose depends on how much bounce back you want. Single spring has less bounce back and bounces away from the tool’s handle. Double spring has more bounce back and features two springs bouncing off of each other.


4. What color finish do I prefer?

Choose a color that captures your aesthetic. A high quality nipper is made from solid inox stainless steel and coated with either gold (shiny color finish) or satin (soft matte finish).


5. Box joint or lap joint?

Box joint is the recommended choice for nippers because it provides more control and does not shift. The box joint also ensures a longer lifespan for your nipper, saving you money in the long-run.


6. Do I care about price or quality more?

Having a quality cuticle nipper that lasts will save you money in the long run. Antoine De Paris nippers have been known to last up to 10 years. The blades can be sharpened, springs can be replaced, and the nipper can be cleaned often.


Picking the right tool is personal. Antoine De Paris has all the customizable features to help you find your perfect pair of nippers.


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