A natural nail service may seem simple, but there’s no reason it should be basic or boring. To take your menu of natural nail services to the next level, offer customization options that appeal to multiple senses. Aromatherapy, delicious beverages, luxurious massages, and special scrubs will appeal to clients’ sense of smell, taste, and touch. Try adding these customization options to your menu to keep clients coming back for more. 

1. Add Aromatherapy

Giving your clients an aromatic experience can take services to a new level of pampering and relaxation. Create custom blends of essential oils for manicure or pedicure services by mixing them with unscented lotions, oils, or scrubs. Offer a set menu of available scents, or for extra customization, allow clients to select their own blends. Many essential oils are believed to have specific effects, such as providing a calming influence or increasing energy, so clients can select the scents that respond to their personal needs. Scents can be switched out seasonally as well, keeping your offerings fresh and giving clients an incentive to upgrade. Many salons offer cozy cinnamon spice or peppermint-scented manicures and pedicures during the winter, and citrus or floral scents in the summer.

Because essential oils are powerful, make sure to research how to use them properly before adding this service. If you’d rather not mix your own, many companies offer ready-made products featuring essential oils.

2. Provide Beverages

Offering the right beverage can bring your services to the next level. Try offering cool, refreshing beverages such as lemonade, iced tea, or fresh juice in the summer, or warm up your clients with cozy, spiced apple cider or hot chocolate in the winter. Or let your clients really unwind by offering wine or champagne (but make sure it’s legal to offer complimentary alcohol in your state first!)

3. Apply Simple Nail Art

Nail art doesn’t have to be elaborate to delight your client. Simple stripes and polka dots can be used to make a variety of designs such as flowers or ladybugs. An ombre, a touch of glitter, or a stamped or stenciled design can spice up natural nails as well. For more conservative clients, minimalist designs can add edge to their designs while still reflecting their personal style and taste. Many salons charge for nail art by the nail, by the length of time the art takes to apply, or according to the complexity of the design.

4. Specialize in Repair and Treatment

For clients who love their natural nails, a damaged nail can be heartbreaking, and some clients may not even believe they’re capable of having long natural nails. Help clients keep their nails long, strong, and healthy by offering nail strengthening options designed to treat common complaints such as dry, flexible, brittle, or peeling nails. Market your services with before-and-after photos showing how much improvement is possible. For nails that develop small tears, some salons offer natural nail repair using fiberglass or silk overlays. Clients can use this repair service to save the length of the natural nail as it grows out. Gel overlays can also provide strength while the natural nail grows out.

5. Master the Massage

A truly skilled massage will relieve clients’ tension, offering a destressing experience that will keep them coming back to the salon. Try offering different lengths and types of massage at different price points. Reflexology and acupressure can help give your massages an extra healing touch. These techniques focus on specific points in the hands and feet, releasing tension and promoting circulation. Practitioners of reflexology believe specific points on the hands and feet affect the body’s organs, so applying pressure to these points can improve overall bodily health as well.

Hot stone massages are another popular addition to the massage menu. In this treatment, smooth, warm volcanic rocks create a therapeutic, comforting experience that helps relax tight muscles. Be sure to purchase stones intended for massage treatment, use smaller stones for manicure and pedicure treatments, and learn how to use the stones properly to avoid burning your client.

6. Offer Moisturizing and Exfoliating Options

Waterless manicures are popular, but it’s a good idea to replace the soak with an equally pampering treatment. Try offering a hot oil service, or provide warmth with heated towels or mitts to wrap clients’ hands after applying lotions. If your clientele prefers to soak, try customizing soaks by adding milk, lemon or lime slices, or flower petals. Anti-aging masks or exfoliants can help clients combat the effects of aging on the hands. Customized scrubs are another great option. Most scrubs are salt- or sugar-based, and many people make their own. A paraffin dip is another soothing, hydrating option clients will love.

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