Nellie Neal

Nellie Neal

This manicure service is ideal for clients seeking preventative or combative measures against aging effects on hands. LCN brand ambassador Nellie Neal demonstrates how to execute the anti-aging treatment. “This is all about creating luxury services that produce results,” he says. “Your clients will notice an immediate, brightening effect after the service. And with home maintenance, paired with salon services, the client will see a dramatic decrease in age spots and an increase in collagen and elastin in the skin.”

1. Disinfect hands. In a clean bowl, use two to three pumps of the Hand & Nail Bath Concentrate. Using the Foundation Brush, gently emulsify until you reach a frothy consistency. Apply using a gentle, circular motion to the back and palms of hands. After a few minutes of using the brush method, massage into the skin and spray hands to rinse. Towel dry.

2. Use a new wooden spatula to pick and place LCN Peeling Cream to the back and palms of hands. Massage cream in circular motion to remove dead skin cells. Concentrate on the knuckles as they often show age first.

3. Apply one to two pumps of the Anti-Age Lifting Concentrate to the back of the hand and lightly massage.

4. Apply a capsule of Ampoule Treatment and gently massage into skin.

5. Use the Studio Skin Expert to treat skin with galvanic, ultrasound, and red light to increase penetration and accelerate results.

6. Apply LCN Anti-Aging Overnight Mask. Let the mask soak for 10 minutes in a wrapped towel for an intense moisture treatment. Gently remove excess mask by blotting off.

7. Apply LCN Anti-Aging Hand Cream to complete the service.

To see LCN’s anti-aging manicure service in action, check out LCN's video.

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