Pink Toes Nail Bar/Spa, Dallas, Tex.

Pink Toes Nail Bar/Spa, Dallas, Tex.

Shopping List
> Pink Toes Lavender Hydrotherapy
> Aroma Salt
> Pink Toes Lavender Exfoliation
> Sugar Scrub
> Pink Toes Lavender Oil
> Pink Toes Lavender Butter Lotion

1. Allow the feet to soak in lavender salt bath.
2. Gently clip and shape the nails, and apply soothing cuticle remover to the cuticle area. Push, buff, and nip the cuticles. Gently clean under the free edge.
3. Apply cuticle softener. Apply callus treatment to a pumice bar and apply evenly to the base of the feet and let sit for 60 seconds. Gently buff the callus treatment from the feet. Place the feet back in the water and rinse, then pat dry with a towel.

4. Massage the lavender sugar scrub onto the feet and legs, and rinse.
5. Massage the lavender oil and lavender butter lotion onto the feet and legs.

6. Apply hot towels to massaged legs and feet to let the oil/lotion soak in.
7. Remove oil/lotion from the feet and legs with a hot towel. Remove the oil and lotion from nail beds.

8. Buff the nails or apply base coat, polish of choice, and top coat.

Price: $38

Tweak This Recipe: Use an alternate name, such as Lavender Bliss Pedicure, and offer the client a glass of ice-cold lavender lemonade and a lavender-scented neck wrap.

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