For the client with an elevated level of cracked skin and calluses, offer her a therapeutic medi pedi using foot care products by Gehwol. Pair the service with a relaxing massage and leave feet feeling cleansed, refreshed, and rehydrated.

1. Prepare Gehwol Herbal Bath soak and spay feet with Gehwol Disinfecting Lotion. Soak feet in prepared bath for five minutes.

2. Apply Gehwol Callus Softening Foam on cuticles, rough skin, and calluses. For thicker calluses, apply Gehwol Callus Buffered Alkaline spray.

3. Perform nail care services. Use Gehwol Foot File to reduce any dry or callused skin.

4. Spray Gehwol Herbal Lotion onto legs and feet. Using a small amount of Gehwol Soft Feet Scrub, massage the products onto the legs and feet to exfoliate.

5. Apply a small amount of Gehwol Leg Vitality on the feet and lower legs as a moisture mask. Individually place feet inside a plastic bag and wrap them with a warm and wet towel. Let the feet absorb the product for five minutes.

6. Apply Gehwol Nail Oil to the nail bed and cuticles and massage.

7. Apply a very small amount of Gehwol Salve for Cracked Skin to affected area before massaging legs and feet with Gehwol Emulsion.

8. For a longer-lasting pedicure, apply a small amount of Gehwol Lipidro Cream to the whole foot. Then for extra measure, apply Gehwol Med Foot Powder to the bottom of the feet.

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