Nail school is a great place to learn the basics and practice more advanced techniques, but to really excel, it’s imperative to hone your skills outside the classroom as well. Encourage your students to visit these top online continuing education sites for nail techs.

CND’s online full-curriculum education program for nail professionals is based on its core education techniques and principles. It offers three unique educational paths (gel, liquid-and-powder, and color and trend classes) for an all-inclusive course of study. Visit

Salon Gurus LLC offers new online-only programs for nail techs. Written by experts on each subject, the courses teach skills and provide students with the latest information on a variety of subjects. The courses are available to the purchaser at any time for review. Visit

Mani-Pedi Academy is a business-focused online training site for entry-level technicians and industry veterans alike. They offer courses in marketing, retailing, client care, professional image, and more. Visit

The Academy of Nail Design offers an online Derma Care Nail Specialist (DCNS) program, an advanced natural nail care training program that focuses on how to create individualized hand and foot services. The program is certified by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners, so graduates from this program in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia, are eligible to apply for their DCNS designation from the Board. Visit

In addition to in-person classes, Tammy Taylor offers education online via on-demand training consisting of PDF and audio files and spotlight videos with topics such as Emergency Nail Repair and Creating Your Own Work Environment. Visit

Top Nail Techs like Holly Schippers, Gina Silvestro, Naja Rickette, and Lauren Wireman offer independent education both in-person and online. Countless nail techs put videos up on YouTube and Instagram where they offer lessons and tips, not to mention the activity of nail techs on Facebook, imparting their knowledge and expertise.

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