You can’t handle feet for a living without encountering some of the unfortunate side effects of wearing high heels — like foot pain, corns, and calluses. The American Podiatric Medical Association surveyed 503 women about their high-heel habits.

• 72% of women wear high-heeled shoes (39% wear heels daily, while 33% wear them less often).

• 59% report toe pain as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes; 54% report pain in the ball of the foot.

• 58% of women purchased new high-heeled shoes in the last year.

• Women who wear high heels daily tend to be younger and are more likely to wear uncomfortable shoes.

• Younger women are more likely to experience blisters and pain in the arches of their feet than older women. Older women are more likely to experience corns, calluses, and bunions.

Why we wear high heels:

• 82% “for fashion or style”

• 73% “to complete my professional attire”

• 54% “to look sexier and more attractive”

• 48% “to enhance my legs”

• 39% “to appear taller”

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