To create long nail enhancements, most nail techs use acrylic or gel to sculpt nails over a form or a tip. Although these techniques can create a perfect set of nails, sculpting can be time-consuming, even for experienced techs, and for new techs, learning the process takes a lot of practice. Spending so much time on nail sculpting leaves little time for other added features or services. The Xtens Nails System can be a great way to provide consistently perfect nail enhancements quickly and leave you plenty of time to create nail art masterpieces, too.

1. They’re quick and easy to apply.
Xtens G2 Xtensions, are pre-roughened on the underside so that they will adhere properly without nail techs having to surface file the underside prior to application. For an easy Xtens application, simply prep the nail plate as you would with any artificial nail application, apply the nail neutralizer (Xtens n) as instructed, followed with the bonding of the G2 xtensions, by applying Xtens b on the underside of the roughened area of the xtensions while positioning it on the nail bed, and flash curing each for 5 to 10 seconds using Xtens’ LED curing flashlight. This holds the xtensions in place until you place hand in curing lamp for 60 seconds for a complete bonding cure

2. They’re available in many styles.
Xtens doesn’t limit you to any one style — they’re developed so that you can customize to a variety of styles to please any client. In addition to square and pointed nail shapes, you can offer clients premade French xtensions and trendy options such as ombre nails, giving clients a perfect deep French smile line or Ombre fade in no time. Techs can be creative and more complex or just stay with a basic design and colors. In any situation the Xtens Nails System can be the perfect canvas for you.

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3. They give you more time to create art.
Premade gel extensions are designed based on real sculpted gel nails, meaning they require minimal additional shaping. Rather than spending time applying product and filing to shape it, you’ll have a perfect canvas in minutes, ready to create the art you and your clients love.

4. They can be filled.
You don’t have to remove clients’ enhancements each time they come to the salon: Some premade gel extensions can be filled, just like sculpted extensions. To fill using Xtens’ system, simply use the bonder and builder gel Xtens (b) to fill like you would a sculpted gel extension. Clients can enjoy their long-lasting, wearable extensions until they’re ready for a change.

How-To Create Nail Art Using Xtens Nail System

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