Challenges Nail Schools Face During COVID-19


As a nail technology instructor I face numerous challenges in the classroom. Learning styles, cultural differences, language barriers, and undisclosed hardships are just a few of the things instructors like myself are up against daily. The current situation with the coronavirus brings in a different type of challenge.

Vocational clock hour education is traditionally a Say, See, Do teaching style. The instructor lectures (Say) about a technique, the students “See” the instructor demonstrate the technique, then the students “Do” the technique. The students get instant feedback and correction until they master the skill. How do we create a virtual classroom that would replace the face-to-face and still allow the students to receive the state required clock hours? My answer is a combination of live stream and an online classroom portal.

The Canvas digital learning platform is one used in many schools. Demonstrating a skill in a live stream not only provides the student with the “Say and See," it would allow students to ask questions in real time, thus providing opportunity for an instant answer or repeating a demonstration. The students would be asked to provide photos of finished work or short video showing them practicing a required skill. I could then provide them with feedback or correction. Written assessments, educational videos, and topics for discussion can be done in Canvas. 

Many nail technology classes are completed in a traditional semester format. The students must complete the hours required by the state in one 17 week semester. The virus outbreak poses issues if the campus closes, because the students cannot complete the required hours. A nail instructor could be challenged to create an online classroom to allow these clock hour students to complete the required hours, required number of services, and all assessments including the state board, HIV certification, and law exam. Pivot Point and Milady both offer online education portals with their curriculum built in for schools and students to use. I have used Pivot Point LAB in the past and it’s great. 

Additional tips for instructors and students during this time:

> Consider taking extra precautions such as wearing gloves with each client

> Asking students and clients to stay home if they have a cold

>Asking clients to wash hands for 30 seconds before beginning the service and follow with hand sanitizer

> Have students launder their uniform every day

Stay safe out there! 

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