Worldwide Nail Collaboration Goes Live for Month of April
Worldwide Nail Collaboration Goes Live for Month of April

To give back to the industry, a series of free LIVE social media streams that aim to entertain, inform, and teach nail professionals from all over the world will be broadcast across various platforms. World Nails Live premieres Friday, April 3 and lasts through April 23, 2020. A schedule and list of platforms can be found below: 

-Friday April 3th, 12pm EDT = Valerie Ducharme  and 

on Instagram @vdnailart

( 4D Origami Nail Flowers DIY with shellac )

-Saturday April 4th, 4pm EDT = Jan Arnold

@janarnoldcnd on Instagram

( Intimate moment with Jan, let’s talk about our future after Covid-19 )

-Sunday April 5th, 3pm EDT = Carly Snyr

@c.a.r.mani on Instagram 

( Using a lot of color, without a lot of colors )

-Monday April 6th, 1pm EDT = Nancy Craveiro and 

on Instagram @nancycraveiro 

( Salon Gel Nail Art ) 

-Tuesday April 7th, 4pm EDT = Guin Deadman Littlefield,

( Extreme sculpture Butterfly shape )

-Wednesday April 8th, 9am EDT = Karina Frias,

( Summer vibes, gel paint ) 

-Thursday April 9th, 6am EDT = Alex Fox and Helena Biggs,

(What Scratch & its sister projects do for industry pros)

-Friday April 10th, 1pm EDT = Lauren wireman, 

( Become a Nail educator )

-Sunday April 12th, 7pm EDT = Ashton Breannan Harlan

@misashton on Instagram 

( Gel polish decals ) 

-Monday April 13th, 1pm EDT = Beth Livesay

( How to grow your bussiness with social media & digital publishing for nails )

-Tuesday April 14th, 9am EDT = Galina Kokovikhina

@galya_zzz on instagram 

( Nail Art: Handpainting faces ) 

-Wednesday April 15th, 1pm EDT = Elaine Watson

( Other Nail career opportunities and what pays the best/worst )

-Thursday April 16th, 2pm EDT = Joanne Millar 

( Salon trend Style ) 

-Friday April 17th, 1pm EDT = Doug Schoon

( How to Get Better Information! )

-Saturday April 18th, 8pm EDT = Jonny Diep

( Surprise nail design ) 

- Monday April 20th, 5am EDT = Marian Newman

( Nails sciences theory, allergies vs irritations ) 

-Tuesday april 21th, 12pm EDT = Nixxi Rose

( Carved nail art design using an e-file )

-Thursday april 23th, 3PM EDT = Tamara Dillulo 

@tamaradilullo on instagram 

( Shellac Handpainting techniques )

See you on the NAILS Magazine Live on April 13!

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