This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Entity Beauty. We asked our Top 8 to look at Entity’s ad campaign from their first year of business and use it as inspiration to create a set of nails that they would wear to Entity’s 10-year anniversary party. The rules were they must use a combination of styles (acrylic, gel, gel-polish) to create the look on a model’s two hands. (The idea was for them to take their inspiration from this campaign, but they didn’t have to recreate the pink-and-whites or the hand positioning. We asked them to make sure their final nails were artistic and creative, designed to evoke the “feeling” they get when they look at the ads in the campaign.)



In addition, we asked them to shoot step-by-step photos and post them, along with instructions onto their Nail Art Gallery profile.


Week 5’s challenge winner will an Entity LED Light and an Entity One Color Couture Intro Kit (a $475 value).


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