Final Challenge: Check-In

Check in 6

Challenge 11 sponsored by CND came in two parts … or so our contestants thought. The first part was to create a set of nails inspired by the godmother of the Vietnamese nail industry, Tippi Hedren. The second was to create four sets of nails to be presented at ABS Chicago.


But on Monday when Jan Arnold had her check-in with the Top 3, she surprised them with the ultimate NTNA twist: The third and final part of this challenge is to create a set of nails for Arnold herself. These sets, along with the rest of the final collections will be brought to America’s Beauty Show in Chicago to be viewed up-close by attendees. You will also be able to vote for your favorite final collection here beginning on February 29.


Check in 3

Check in 4

Check in 5


To tide you over, we snapped some shots of Arnold FaceTiming with Celina Ryden in Stockholm, Winnie Huang in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and Sarah Elmaz in Melbourne, Australia. During the check-in Arnold discussed the progress they have made on their final sets so far. While we can’t reveal too much about the nails in question, we do have three first looks here, which we shared on social media. Click here to view Celina’s detail shot, here to view Sarah’s close-up shot, and here to see one of Winnie’s inspiration boards.


Check in 1


We also couldn’t help but take a pic of the El Niño Janicure Arnold wore, done by Michele Huynh. This sleek set should give both the competitors and fans of the contest a hint as to what Arnold is looking for when it comes to her own nail style.


Stay tuned as we share more NTNA news and updates.