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Full Name: Denielle White
Hometown: Cocoa, FL
Salon: Coco Marie's Lacquer Lounge & Boutique
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Hand Painted Gel Designs
Favorite Nail Trend: Anime Nail Art

Hey friends! My name is Denielle White aka @nailsthatdrip. I just graduated nail school in April 2021 and I am so ready to bring the heat! I might be the underdog, but I put my whole heart into all my nail art. I am most known for my bubbly personality, my ambition, my obsession with all things pink and my bomb nail designs! I stay up to date on all trends and love opportunities to show my versatility in my Kawaii nail paradise.

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Week #2

CND Couture

This week’s challenge was “CND COUTURE.” We were asked to create ten nails based on one haute couture look from Paris fashion week. The designer I chose was Schiaparelli 2021. I chose beading as my main focus and stitching as my backup.  

This challenge was so much fun! I typically stay in the hand painted nail art category, so I really tried to push my comfort zone. Plexigel and acrylic were my main ingredients in this sweet haute couture cake. When looking for inspiration, this same golden look by designer Schiaparelli, played in my head time after time, so I went with it!  

I went and picked up a tiny doll to use as a mold for the mask and the bust. I used Plexigel and CND Additives gold chrome to achieve the base. Then I went in with black Shellac to add some depth and dimension to the statement pieces. I also topped the statement pieces with Swarovski crystals to add a little extra pizzazz.  

The accent beads were created from scratch with Silly Putty, Plexigel and CND gold pigment. They were super time consuming and challenging, but totally worth it in the end! I also used chain as an embellishment because it was a huge part of the runway look. I adhered the chain with Plexigel to the nails. I also drilled holes in four nails to link the nails together.  

Last but not least, I incorporated stitching on two accent nails to tie in the sheer black bottoms. I used black Shellac and a liner brush to create a fishnet type of look.  

Thank you so much! This week was a great opportunity for growth as an artist. I really tried a lot of new techniques and had so much fun. I am extremely excited for Challenge three! 

Click here to watch her video diary.

Week #1

A to Z CND

In this first challenge, we were asked to create a mural across ten nail tips that conveys our personal journey using words that start with the letters, “C, N & D.” For my mural, I chose to stick with the art style that I am best known for– PASTEL KAWAII!! The girl in my mural represents me as an excited artist who loves using lots of colors for self-expression. The three words I chose were, cheerful, nifty and dreamer. 

 First, I chose cheerful because all through my life people have referred to me as a happy person.  I always try to remain positive and keep an atmosphere of positivity. Nothing brings me more joy than bringing joy to others. A smile goes a long way and is super effective in keeping my clients happy.  

 Speaking of effectiveness, next up is Nifty! I have always been blessed that anything I put my mind to, I’m pretty good at. I am a very driven person and try my absolute best in all aspects of my life.  I feel that this quality has helped me adapt and overcome the struggles that life has thrown at me. Being Nifty has contributed to becoming a successful businesswoman and a patient mother. 

 Last on the list is Dreamer! This must be the biggest steppingstone in my personal journey towards becoming a business owner. I have always had big dreams and I do everything within my power to make my dreams come to fruition. Honestly, sometimes I wake up and wonder if the life that I live today is truly mine because I never really thought that I would get this far. I am extremely grateful to be able to live my dream every day.  It is truly a blessing to be able to bring joy to others through my art. 

 Thank you so much! I know that this first challenge is mainly to get to know the contestants and I feel that I did a great job at representing who I am as a person. I am super excited to get to show you guys my more professional side and just how creative I can be! 

Click here to watch her video diary.

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