The BCL Experience: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Congrats Nancy on your first win of the season! The judges were blown away by your beautiful nails that pay homage to so many aspects of the industry we love. This artwork will be used by Beauty Changes Lives to promote future events and scholarship opportunities!

Here’s what the judges had to say about Nancy’s design:

Head Judge Jan Arnold:

The texture! The flair! These nails could fly away! So over the top, well done! The entire concept was a breath of fresh “hair”.  From the story of your past to each nail, named and created with runway creativity as well as technical intricacy; to the cohesive story told, which include hair elements, of clips and braids and mohawks…it’s just brilliant all the way around. And exciting. These nails are exciting, which is what a runway show is all about. It should create an emotional reaction, which these do.

Game Master Winnie Huang:

There is just SO much to look at for your piece!!!! I am so impressed with your concept! Every single nail has something so special about them, I love the hair scales and the fact that you dyed the extensions using pigments! I did wish that less feathers were used because I feel like it took away from all the other amazing elements.

Season 8 Champion Emily Nash:

These nails are the coolest nails I have ever seen ever Nancy. You went far up and beyond creating nails that are runway ready, they are Avant Garde, they SHOUT YOUR BEAUTY! I loved watching you work so meticulously to braid and color and place every dot, hair scale, and pigment you added to this design. Great job on having something different but cohesive on every nail. Also the nail that looks like a fishtail braid! WOW! Your use of nail products to color the hair was so cool to watch. Good mix of showing different unique techniques. I really wish I was rocking these crazy fun nails. Great job this week!

Guest Judge Lavette Cephus:

Wow! This set was so fun for me to watch, from the creative use of the products to the amazing personality. Creating works of art should be fun, and enjoyable, and I love how you expressed having fun while creating your designs. The use of hair and the hair elements were so dynamic, creative, and out of the box. The entire set was on fire!

Because Nathan left the competition early, we will not have an elimination this week. Congratulations to each contestant for staying in the running!