Full Name: Lini Sherburne
Hometown: Sparks, Md.
Salon: Spa in the Valley
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Gel-polish with mixed media accents
Favorite Nail Trend: I love stiletto nails! And I wish I could convince more clients to give them a try.

I am a lover of art, in all its forms. Drawing, painting, dancing, singing, acting and writing are all passions of mine, and I feel so lucky to have a career where I can let my creativity flow every day. I think the only other thing that can compare to my love of art, is my love for animals. If I’m not at the spa covered in glitter from my nail art adventures, I’m at my volunteer gig at the local animal rescue, covered in cat hair!

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Week 2: Bio Seaweed Gel


As soon as I heard this week’s theme, “In Too Deep,” I immediately envisioned the ocean floor and all of its mysterious secrets. I tried to envision what one would find in the ocean depths, especially since we were asked to incorporate Bio Seaweed Gel’s new collection’s feel of rich, sea-themed colors. Dark, murky waters seemed to evoke a sense of mystery and a little bit of danger, and when I combined all of these elements, I had my design: a sea monster. I chose to use one of the most famous monsters of the deep, the Kraken (who, after hours of creation, filming and a little delirium, has affectionately been named Steve!). I used a fantasy 3-D-inspired style, with the tentacles of the Kraken reaching up from the waves on each nail tip, as if the Kraken was trying to reach out right through the photo to grab the viewer. Gel was used to create the body, tentacles, waves, and detail elements of my design, which was a fun new challenge, since I’ve only ever worked with acrylic for sculpting in the past! I didn’t do much filing on the Kraken, as I wanted the body and tentacles to have an organic, almost barnacle-covered appearance. Multiple layers of paint completed the sea worn look. Beads really brought the tentacles to life, giving a nice suction cup look to the underside of each. I used a color scheme similar to those found in the “In Too Deep” collection to add extra relevance to this week’s theme. I had a lot of fun with this challenge, and I hope you all enjoy meeting Steve as much as I enjoyed creating him!


Click here to see a video of how Lini created these nails.

Week 1: Young Nails


I can thank my husband for giving me the title of Katleesi after visiting me for the first time at the cat shelter where I volunteer. When he saw me sitting cross legged on the floor with several kittens curled up on my lap and one even perched on my shoulder, he jokingly called me the Mother of Kittens, and being a Game of Thrones fan (Kahleesi, the Mother of Dragons is a character from the series), I found it both endearing and fitting. I am a huge believer in the protection of animals and I volunteer, donate, and educate regularly to support organizations that promote animal welfare. My design simply shows me being me: an animal lover and advocate through and through. My caption “Katleesi: Mother of Kittens” sounded like something from a fairytale, and so I went with a very cute, whimsical theme. The finished design is meant to look like the cover of a children’s storybook.