Young Nails recently launched a new long-lasting polish called Caption. As a tribute to this new line, we asked our Top 12 to identify their own personal motto/caption (like Young Nails’ “It’s All About You.”) and illustrate it on a mural of 10 nail tips (not on actual hands).


We asked to see the caption as actual text on the mural, as well as a design that is inspired by the concept of your caption. They were allowed to use polish, gel-polish, and acrylic paints, but since it was a handpainted challenge, no 3-D embellishments were allowed.


Week 1’s challenge winner will receive the full line of Young Nails’ Caption polish (60 Colors, 18 Top Effects, Base Coat, Top Coat, Matte Top Coat, and Drying Drops) and a wall rack. (Approximate value: $600)


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