We asked our Top 11 contestants to create a set of 3-D gel sculptured nails across five nail tips (not on hands) based on the theme of Week 2 sponsor Bio Seaweed Gel’s fall/winter 2014 color collection In Too Deep. The collection includes seven mystical rich colors found under the ocean, including deep reds, blues, greens, and pearly neutrals. To help get inspired, the color names include: Oceania, Mother of Pearl, Treasure Chest, Shipwreck, Marina, Sire, and Are You Shore?


Please note: This is a 3-D GEL sculptured challenge. The contestants were instructed they must sculpt their looks using gel. NO ACRYLIC sculpting is allowed. They could also use embellishments, polish, gel-polish, and paints to accent the look. And they were allowed to use non-nail-related materials (clay, foil, wire, etc.) to help create the 3-D looks under the gel.


While creating the designs, we asked the contestants to shoot a short behind-the-scenes video diary and tutorial showing us how they created the nails.


Week 2’s challenge winner will receive the entire Bio Seaweed Gel Collection. (Approximate value: $4,000)


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