The emery board scores low on the “green-o-meter.” “The number of trees used to make millions of files and the landfill space taken up by these little 5-in. sticks is more enormous than you can imagine,” says Barry LaVaque, president of LaVaque Tweezers. “At least an entire football stadium can be filled each year with tossed emery boards and it takes years for one to fully decompose in the ground.”

Instead he urges use of a greener alternative: the crystal nail file.  “They’re made from recycled materials and several factories use lead-free, environmentally safe dyes. They last for such a long time that landfills will not be greatly impacted. One crystal nail file could last a person’s entire lifetime.”

LaVaque’s Crystal Nail Files are non-porous, so they can be sanitized and disinfected. For natural and artificial nails, the 5 1/2-in. files feature a double-sided abrasive surface.

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