An ever-popular fashion trend, glitter can add a fun, glam touch to any outfit or look. Glitter comes in a variety of types, each providing a different aesthetic, from sleek and luxurious looks to youthful, glitter-packed designs. Whether it’s for accent nails, a glitter ombre, or a full set of nails, glitter can provide a range of different looks. Try out these glitter types to dazzle your clients.

Large Hexagonal Glitter


This chunky, eye-catching glitter gives a textured look to nails. Larger, geometric pieces of glitter are highly reflective and cause many colors to appear as the light shifts. Hexagonal shapes catch the light, offering the brightest shine of the glitter types. This trendy glitter will always stand out and can be layered over another color of nail coating, making it a versatile option.   

Featured shade: Gel II Glitter

Small Sized Glitter


This classic glitter style features smaller, consistently sized pieces of glitter. The smaller particles of glitter mean that this type of glitter coats the entire nail easily. Perfect for a smoother look, it brings sparkle and shine to any design, giving a strong, metallic look. It’s available in many colors and can make beautiful accent nails as well as a full set.

Featured shade: Gel II Platinum Ice

Combo Glitter


Featuring glitter pieces in many sizes and shapes, this look gives a layered, dimensional look to the nails. The different sizes and shapes of glitter mean that the nails have a constant, shifting sparkle effect as the light hits them. This is a versatile, changeable style of glitter.  

Featured shade: Gel II Emerald Lights

Multicolored Glitter


For maximum fun, offer clients a multicolored glitter. This bright type of glitter can create a dazzling rainbow look, or the smaller pieces of multicolored glitter can stand out in a darker polish to create a flashy, contrasting look.

Featured shade: Triple Vitamin Dip - Blue Diamonds



Shimmer is the most subtle, understated look of the glitter family, but it can still add a special touch to clients’ nails. Fine particles add a shimmery tone to the color of the polish or powder, adding an extra dimension to the color as it catches the light.

Featured shade: Gel II Coconut Shimmer

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