5 Foolproof Tips on Using OPI’s Infinite Shine Lacquer System

Do it right the first time! Five pro tips for using the three-step system.

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OPI’s Infinite Shine provides your clients with long-lasting polish that, when applied properly, requires no touch-ups all week. The secret ingredient to this polish is the oligomers that cross-link when activated by photoinitiators in the top coat. The system cures to a hard film in natural light (no LED light required). The nail lacquer can be removed with standard nail lacquer remover and no soaking is needed. The following 5 tips will ensure that your clients get the most out of their mani or pedi.

1. Don’t neglect the basics

Although Infinite Shine is a much simpler and faster process then applying gels, it’s important to not rush through the essential steps of properly prepping the nails. Make sure your client washes her hands before you begin to get rid of any dirt and surface oils. You want the nail bed to be thoroughly cleansed before you start. If your client has existing acrylic or gel enhancements on, Infinite Shine can be applied over. File the nails with an OPI FLEX 100/180 Buffer. Remove dust and cleanse the nail thoroughly.

2. Find the light

Infinite Shine’s system can cure without the help of a LED lamp. However, in order to properly cure, it’s essential to find adequate natural lighting for the curing process to happen. The photoinitiators in the top coat are activated with a catalyst (natural sunlight) which leads to the polymeratization process (what causes it to harden/cure). Also, don’t forget to tilt the thumbs upward to ensure that they are also receiving enough light.

3. Be patient

After applying two thin coats of Infinite Shine Lacquer, wait two minutes before applying Gloss Top Coat, this will ensure proper drying. Do not use drying agents such as DripDry or RapiDry Spray. Infinite Shine dries to the touch in eight minutes and will be completely dry in 15 minutes.

4. Lighter shades dry faster

If you’ve ever used Infinite Shine before you might have noticed that the lighter shades dry faster. More heavily pigmented shades may take longer to dry as a heavier pigment load can increase the drying time.

5. Thin coats prevent bubbling

Once those pesky little air bubbles appear, there’s no easy fix. To prevent this problem, follow these steps. Make sure to roll, not shake the bottle before applying Infinite Shine Lacquer; shaking can cause air bubbles. Another cause of bubbling is if a coat is too thick. The top portion will dry long before the bottom, which traps the solvents in the polish that need to evaporate in order for it to dry properly. Remove excess lacquer from the brush by wiping both sides on the neck of the bottle. When applying the Infinite Shine Gloss Top Coat, apply only one thin coat, using minimal brush strokes.



Benign growths that occur on the sole (plantar surface), heel, or ball of the foot.
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