In light of the current situation affecting our businesses, CND’s final challenge will be all about press-on nails. The Top 3 were asked to create five sets of press-ons (50 nails total), each with different themes as described below:

Set 1: Symbol of Strength

We are all encouraging each other to remain strong right now, and what better way to capture this message than on nails? Choose someone whose strength you admire, and create a set of nails inspired by them.

Set 2: Beauty Changes Lives

CND and BCL are currently offering 100 $1,000 grants to nail professionals in need. We want to see a set of nails that celebrates the change that’s possible when beauty professionals come together for good. This set of nails should be inspired by BCL (of which Jan Arnold is a board member and founder), which you can learn more about here.

Set 3: Dream Client

One of the great things about our industry is the relationship so many have with their clientele. For this set, we want to know who your dream client is, and create a set of nails for them.

Set 4: Porter Pose

CND has done the nails for many of the biggest names in fashion and pop culture. This past awards season that list included Billy Porter. We want to see a set of press-ons you’d make for Porter that only he could pull-off.

Set 5: The Janicure

Head NTNA judge and CND co-founder Jan Arnold loves the nail art our finalists create! In fact, she is known to wear the work of several NTNA champions on her nails. Your final set is just that: 10 nails made just for Jan!

Click each image below to enlarge, then click the arrow to scroll through and see all the images (on a hand and as press-ons) for all five sets.

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