Monogram Madness: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes



Congrats to Nic, the winner of this week’s challenge, on her beautiful futuristic monogram and logo look!

Here’s what the judges, including Head Judge Jan Arnold, Game Master Winnie Huang, and Guest Judges Ashton Harlan, Carly Snyr, and Nixxi Rose had to say (in a condensed format):

Head Judge Jan Arnold: Your monogram is fantastic…detailed, understated and repeated throughout the design. It is clear and well defined. The clean lines throughout the set helps to pull it all together. The texture of the 3‐d elements helps to bring the design to the next level. The combination of texture and shape is most interesting. Well done! By creating the monogram separately into artistic elements helps create the illusion of 3D letters…it’s grand!

Guest Judge Ashton Harlan: Wonderful video!! I loved watching your geometric inspiration truly come to life with these nails!! The contrast between the big shapes and the super fine line and detail work you created adds so much visual interest. Every element is extremely clean and crisp, and your monogram ties into the set perfectly. These nails are bold and glorious!!

Guest Judge Nixxi Rose: I love how thorough you were in researching the history of monograms and referencing other artists which engaged me straight away. It gave an air of confidence which I found exciting, I thought ‘Here is a woman who knows what she is doing and I just KNOW this is going to be good’ and boy was I right! Your personality and enthusiasm really shone through in your video and you were very articulate in explaining your process and techniques. Using the alcohol spray to create a distressed effect was a clever idea but I think personally I would have preferred a high gloss shine or a uniform matte coverage to your 3D elements, I must add that I am massively nit‐picking at this point because your overall entry this week was as well thought out and beautifully executed as I have come to expect from you, I wish you the best of luck!

Guest Judge Carly Snyr: I love the way she explains things and puts her personality into her voice overs because it keeps it easy to listen to it and understand. I loved the tip of not caring too often so that you can use the existing product without adding more to keep things fine lined.


Because Anastasiya left the competition early, we will not have an elimination this week. Congratulations to each contestant for staying in the running!